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Are Testosterone Important?

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Testosterone is the hormone found in human as well as animals. Testosterone are main hormone found in men and are made in testicles. Women also produces these hormones but in very low amount. Testosterone are important for muscle gain, fat loss and also improves sex power.

The natural production of this hormone is 7 milligram a day and the top foods that helps in increasing these are whole eggs, black beans, tuna fish, spinach, mushrooms.


Why Testosterone are Important?

Testosterone are the number one hormone found in men and helps in bringing the physical changes that are important for men.

  • Building muscles and strong bones
  • Growth of the penis and testes
  • Helps in hair growth
  • Helps in Getting taller
  • Deepening of the voice


Effects of Low Testosterone 

Low testosterone have many bad effects on your body.

  • Decrease in muscle mass
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Weight Gain
  • Hair fall
  • thinner and weaker bones
  • feelings of depression
  • low self-esteem
  • less energy


How to Boosts Testosterone Naturally?

The best ways in which you can boosts testosterone naturally are:

  1. Workout Daily specially Legs because it boosts more testosterone naturally more then any other exercise.
  2. Reduce stress because more stress reduces the testosterone levels in your body.
  3. Take proper rest of around 7-8 hours as this is time your body produces more testosterone.
  4. Have good nutrition. Saturated fat increases more testosterone though it is not good for your health however you can intake 15% per day. Fats from whole egg, whole chicken increases testosterone level in your body, also add add broccoli, cauliflower in your diet.

“Do not focus to increase your testosterone by taking drugs. These have many side effects on your body as this can shrink your testicles. ”


How much your Body produces it?

Your body produces testosterone 7 milligram a day however it’s levels also depends upon your age.

  • at age 17 years -18 years, your testosterone are at it’s highest and your body produces 300 nano gram to 1200 nano gram per deciliter.
  • at age 19 years -21 years, your body produces 280 nano gram to 1200 nano gram per deciliter.
  • at age 22 years -30 years, your body produces 250 nano gram to 1000 nano gram per deciliter.
  • After 30 years, testosterone levels drops minus 1% every year.

Female also produces testosterone but in very low quantity, they produces 15 times less as compared to men as there main hormones are estrogen.  From age 15 year to 50 year they produces 20 nano gram to 65 nano gram per deciliter.

To know how much your body produces testosterone, test it in a laboratory and ask to do ‘Serum Testosterone Test‘ or ‘Testosterone Level Test‘. They will take your blood for testing this.

It should be done early in the morning because your Testosterone are at peak at this time also, your medical profession may ask you for the test in evening also to check it better. It should be more then 300+ nano gram per deciliter, If it is less then 300 nano gram per deciliter then it is low and you should focus to increase these.




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