How Carbohydrates can be Good or Bad to You?

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Carbohydrates provides energy and fuel to your body.  Energy allows body to do daily activities like walking, running etc. and fuel is needed for the growth of your body. It provides fuel as well as other health benefits that is important for your body.


Carbohydrates are present in:

  • Dairy – milk, yogurt, ice cream
  • Fruits – whole fruit, fruit juice
  • Starchy vegetables – potatoes, corns
  • Legumes – Beans and other plant-based proteins
  • Grains – Bread, rice, crackers, and cereal


Types of Carbs 


There are two types of carbohydrates that are present in the food:

  1. Simple (Bad) Carbohydrates
  2. Complex (Good) Carbohydrates


Simple Carbs






Simple carbs are sugar. It spikes the blood sugar, digest fast which promotes fat storage. They provide energy to your body but the consumer soon feels hungry again.

These include white floors, white rice, white sugar, and white potatoes, and are largest contributing factor to weight gain however you can have these carbs once a week or two which won’t damage your body at all.

Bad carbs are present in white rice, white pasta, white bread, pizza, burger, chips, cookies, soda.


Complex Carbs 


Complex carbs consists of long chain of molecules. They are more healthful, have more vitamins, fiber and many other nutrients and also helps you to keep full for longer period of time.

Good carbs provides energy to your body for longer period of time and do not spike the blood sugar level.  A whole grain is a good carbs from which fiber has not been removed. Fiber helps in keeping our digestive system healthy and slows the breakdown of carbs reducing the large surge of glucose in the cells and reducing fats storage.

Good carbs are present in brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, sweet potato, oats, fruits and vegetables.


How much Carbs should you take?



The most common question that may arrive in mind of every person is that how much carbs should they consume in order to lose or gain weight. The answer for this is simple –

  • if you want to gain weight or build muscle then you should take 2g/lb which means if you weight 180 lb then you need to take 360g(180lb*2g) of carbs daily which can be consumed by taking 50-60 grams of carbs per meal.
  • and, if you want to lose fat or weight then you should consume 0.5g/lb which means if you weight 180 lb then you need to consume 90g(180lb*0.5g) of carbs daily.




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