How to Bench Press?

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Bench Press is the most important  upper body exercise to build strength. It’s an exceptional strength builder exercise for all.

There are various muscles contributed – shoulder, chest, arm, back muscles, all contribute as you slowly lower and then press the weight up while bench pressing.


How to Bench Press? 

Bench Press is the best exercise to build your chest muscle and other muscles however it is only effective if you do it with the proper form.


Setting Your Feet 

Set your feet however it is not so crucial on the bench , it’s still important as your feet are the start of your strong base.


Position under the Bar

Position yourself under the bar and arch your back slightly. This will help you to maintain a neutral spine and keep your back tight and protected.


Set Grip

Set your grip on the bar as tight as you can with your palm. This will help you lift the weight easily and lower the chances of slipping of the bar.

If you lift heavy weights then you should grip wider and  if you’re lifting primarily in hypertrophy rep ranges, then you should grip narrower. This may be a better positions for the majority of your lifting.


Lower the Bar 

Take a deep breath before you move the bar downwards, hold your breath until you get past the concentric sticking point of your press, then breathe out forcefully as you push the bar upwards.


Touch the Chest 

Touch the bar lower on your chest, your forearms should be at 90 degree from the ground.

Repeat this and try to hit the same spot in every rep.


Where it Goes Wrong?



  1. The bench press is the more complex then you think. The most common mistake people do is that they bounce the bar of their chest. It not only puts a lot of pressure on the sternum, but also makes it impossible to keep your body tight.
  2. People roll their shoulder forward when the bar movement is at the top, and unlocks their shoulder blades while they push the bar and move their feet. This will put pressure on shoulders and you will not be able to focus on your chest muscle.
  3. Most people do not breathe or brace properly while doing bench. So you should breathe properly while doing all the movements and also when you unrack, and before you lowers the bar.


Benefits of Doing Bench Press

There are many benefits of doing bench as it contributes various  muscles.

  1. Increased Upper Body Strength
  2. Builds Bigger chest muscle
  3. Improved Bone Health
  4. Build Muscle Mass on Your Upper Body
  5. Increased Pushing Power



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