How to do Deadlifts?

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The Deadlifts are one of the most effective exercise to develop your strength. As it is full-body movement exercise that uses lots of muscles, these builds total-body muscle.

Deadlifts are the must-do exercise to build the full body strength, increases muscles size and built an awesome physique. It should be on your list of exercise despite any training goal.

The contributed muscles while doing this are back, gluteus maximus & asociated muscle, legs, arms, shoulders, trapezius.


Benefits of Dead-lifts 

There are several benefits when it comes to perform a dead-lift.

  1. Build Muscle and strength
  2. Improve your posture
  3. Deadlifts work your entire body
  4. Make you stronger


How to do Deadlifts?


When it comes to deadlift, you have two grip choices for performing it.

One is double overhand grip and another is  reverse grip. The reverse grip allows you to lift heavier as compared to overhand grip.

  1.   Keep your head in a neutral position by looking forward to a fixed spot on the ground, 2-3 m ahead of your feet. Keep your chin up so you are in the best position of lifting.
  2.  Keep your back straight throughout the exercise, lift the bar with the help of your legs and drive your hips forward. The lift should use you legs and glutes strength. Drive upwards as explosively as possible.
  3. Keep your Chest up to prevent your torso hunching forwards over the bar and aim to maintain a strong spine throughout the lift.
  4. Keep your shoulders slightly in front of your hands until the bar passes the mid-thigh level.Then pull your shoulders back at the top, and then carefully lower the bar to the ground.


Safety Concerns while Deadlift


Any exercise can hurt you if you are using a bad form. The most dangerous mistake people do while doing deadlift is to pull the bar with a bent lower back or rounded back. This puts uneven pressure on your spinal discs and can cause bulged discs, pinched nerves and other back injuries.

The most safest way to deadlift is by having your back neutral and straight. Maintain this position throughout the exercise until you puts the weight on the floor. The pressure on your spinal discs will be even and hence decreasing the chances of injury.

The best way to increase the chances of safety is by using the proper form. You should start with a light weight and slowly add weights. This will help your trunks muscles to get stronger as the weight increases and a build a stronger back that is harder to injure.



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