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How to Improve your Health?

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When it comes to being healthy, there are so many rules that you can opt. A healthy life includes healthy diet, daily exercise, better sleep, and professional care.

Some of the rules for health are:

Less soda More water – You should drink more of water as it helps in keeping your body healthy. Water helps in removing toxins, weight loss, keep brain and heart healthy, boost immune system whereas drinking soda promotes weight gain and is bad for your health.

Less sugar More fruits  – If you want to stay healthy than you should eat more fruits as it contains more of vitamins, and many other important nutrients which is needed by your body. Sugar is also present in fruits so, you should take sugar that is present in it and do not overdose the sugar by eating sugar related foods.

Less junk food More vegetables  – Eating more vegetables is good for your body as it contains many nutrients, vitamins, minerals. You should cut eating junk food as it only promotes health diseases.

Less juice More tea (herbal)  – You should stop drinking processed juice, instead increase the consumption of herbal tea which promotes good health in many ways.

Less medications More herbal remedies  – Stop rely on more of medications. Use more of herbal remedies instead of medicines. Remember that medication is for temporary relief, nutrition is the key for good and better health.

Less driving More walking  – Reduce the usage of cars or bike and start walking more as walking 30 minutes a day helps you lose weight, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and reduce many other diseases. Regular walk is the best and easiest way you can do for health.

Less anger More laughter – Anger increases the stress hormone in your body which results in poor health so, you should laugh more often, meet people who motivates you, eat good food and exercise daily.


How you can control hunger?

There are many ways in which you can control hunger. Controlling hunger leads to eating less thus good for health.

  • Drink more water
  • Workout daily
  • eat more protein
  • add fiber to you food
  • get more and better sleep
  • drink black coffee or green tea


Why Sleep is Important for Good Health?

Sleeping is important part of a good health. You should take proper and better rest for a healthy living.

It helps in many different ways:

  • cleaning the brain of toxins
  • physical restoration
  • mood regulation
  • strengthening immune system

Get enough sleep because:

  1. Sleeping for 0-3 hours a day makes you feel gross, too tired to be productive, and worst for muscle recovery.
  2. Sleeping 4- 6 hours a day makes you feel groggy, slows down your productiveness, and is bad for muscle recovery.
  3. Sleeping 7-9 hours a day makes you feel great, productiveness at its best and is best for muscle recovery.

The recommended sleep as per different Age Groups are:

  • 0-3 months — 14-17 hrs/day
  • 4-11 months  — 12-15 hrs/day
  • 1-2 years — 11-14 hrs/day
  • 3-5 years — 10-13 hrs/day
  • 6-13 years — 9-11 hrs/day
  • 14-17 years — 8-10 hrs/day
  • 18- 25 years — 7-9 hrs/day
  • 26-64 years — 7-9 hrs/day
  • Above 65 — 7-8 hrs/day




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