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Top 3 Exercises to Build Strength

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There are many exercises that helps you built strength, however these 3 exercises are the best when it comes to build strength and body mass as there are several muscles contributed while doing these exercises.




Bench Press is the most important  upper body exercise to build strength.

Contributed Muscles — shoulder, chest, arm, back muscles, all contribute as you slowly lower and then press the weight up.

    1. Increased Upper Body Strength
    2. Builds Bigger chest muscle
    3. Improved Bone Health
    4. Build Muscle Mass on Your Upper Body
    5. Increased Pushing Power



Deadlift is one of the best exercise for developing pure strength. The deadlift is a powerful strength-training and muscle-building tool.

Contributed Muscles — back, gluteus maximus & associated muscle, legs, arms, shoulders, trapezius.

  1. Build Muscle and strength
  2. Improve your posture
  3. Deadlifts work your entire body
  4. Make you stronger




The last but not the least is Squats. Squats is the best lower body exercise to build strength. It is a compound full body exercise that trains thighs, hips and buttocks, quadriceps femoris muscle hamstrings.

Contributed Muscle — gluteus maximus, quads, hamstring, lower back, core and more

  1. Increases the strength and size of the legs as well as developing core strength
  2. Builds more muscle in your entire body
  3. Burns more fat
  4. Improves mobility and balance
  5. Boosts your performance
  6. Improve your circulation
  7. Tone your abs, legs and ass



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